We are excited to announce Rizin โ€” a free and open-source Reverse Engineering framework, providing a complete binary analysis experience with features like Disassembler, Hexadecimal editor, Emulation, Binary inspection, Debugger, and more.

Rizin is a fork of radare2 with a focus on usability, stability, and working features, which strives to provide a welcoming environment for developers and users alike. Rizin was founded by a group of the core developers of radare2 and Cutter who contributed to the project in one way or the other in the past years and together constructed the Core group of radare2. With the establishment of Rizin, we are committed to creating an environment and a project which will be aligned with our values and vision.

During recent years, the environment that was created in radare2 was one where many of us felt stressed, disrespected, and unwelcome. Moreover, the number of users of radare2 grew every year, and we held the ultimate responsibility to provide them a stable, usable framework. As the core developer team, we have come to the conclusion that it is impossible for us to continue to pursue the goal of making radare2 better under the current circumstances and environment, and we decided to move forward on our own and fork the project. Cutter, the Graphical User Interface for radare2, and its entire team will also join Rizin and will use it as its backend.

Rizin is a newborn project that was created from radare2, hence more and more changes and differences will appear over time. A lot of efforts were put into improving our workflows, putting more tests in place, improving the API, removing redundant features, and more. We hope to provide better consistency between releases, making the framework more trustworthy to users.

We are also working to create a more inclusive and diverse community that will be inviting for new contributors and users. As an initial step, we adopted a Code of Conduct that we believe is aligned with our values and with the community we want to create around Rizin.

Finally, we know and understand that now it is our turn to prove that Rizin can become a tool you can trust and enjoy using, and a community in which you feel welcome. We invite you to read our answers to your Frequently Asked Questions and join our communities on Mattermost and other chat platforms.