If your distribution ships Rizin from the official repositories, use that. We are currently aware of the following Linux distributions shipping an up-to-date Rizin:

  • Arch Linux
  • Fedora
  • Gentoo

If your distribution is not in the list above, but it does ship Rizin/Cutter, please let us know and we will fix it! If you cannot find Rizin/Cutter in the official repositories, we provide install instructions for some other distributions through OBS. Follow the instructions here (select the “Add repository and install manually” option).


You can install Rizin through the installer for your architecture provided in the latest release (e.g. rizin_installer-vX.Y.Z-x86_64.exe).

Otherwise, you can download the portable builds that can be run without any installation on your system, by just extracting the archives in the path you want and executing Rizin from there (e.g.

You find Cutter for Windows in the latest Cutter release. The archive can be extracted anywhere on your system and Cutter can be executed from there.


You can install both Rizin and Cutter through Homebrew

$ brew install rizin
$ brew install --cask cutter

Alternatively, you can find Pkg/DMG files for both Rizin and Cutter.


Rizin and Cutter are available in stable releases starting with OpenBSD-7.3.

# pkg_add rizin cutter


Statically compiled binaries for some common architectures where Android runs are compiled and attached to all releases. We currently support aarch64, armv7, and x86_64. You can find the artifacts for Android on the latest Rizin release.

Those files are named as rizin-<version>-android-<architecture>.tar.gz. Files within the archive can be extracted anywhere on your Android device because Rizin is compiled in a “portable” way, allowing moving the whole directory anywhere.

We do not currently have a package on Termux, but if you would like to add one we will be happy to help you with any issue you may encounter.

Building from source

Source code for Rizin and Cutter can be downloaded from Github:

Build instructions can be found in the files.

Install Rizin plugins

To install Rizin plugins you can use our package manager, rz-pm, that will compile and install packages for you in the right locations.

Get the latest version for your system here, make the file executable and you are good to go!

The list of currently supported plugins is available in the rz-pm-db repository.