Rizin has a growing and diverse community that is welcoming to people of all skill levels. Our chats are your place to have discussions about Rizin, ask questions, and get support.

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Recommended! This is our main hub which is separated into channels for different teams, sub-projects, and development topics.


The Telegram group is a bridge from Mattermost's #General channel to Telegram. And it is intended for user support and general discussions related to Rizin.


On Freenode (IRC), you can join #rizin for general discussions and #rizindev for questions and discussions related to Rizin development.

Both are respectively bridged to the General and Rizin Dev channels on Mattermost.



Follow us on Twitter for release announcements and much more.


The Official Rizin Book

For a quick getting started guide and to learn more on how to use Rizin in detail, you can read the Rizin Book.