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Free and Open Source Reverse Engineering Framework

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Announcing Rizin!

We are excited to announce Rizin — a free and open-source Reverse Engineering framework, providing a complete binary analysis experience with features like Disassembler, Hexadecimal editor, Emulation, Binary inspection, Debugger, and more.


From 0 to Disassembly in a Fraction of a Second

Rizin takes a unique, Unix-friendly approach on reverse engineering. By default, it can be used in a shell-like environment tailored specifically to analyzing binaries directly from the command line without unnecessary weight. However, if you do want more, it provides a perfect basis for GUI and scripting.

Calling Developers and Contributors

As a new project, we have plenty of room to grow and many plans we want to execute. If you are a developer, designer, DevOps, reverse engineer, documentation enthusiast or think you can and want to join Rizin, we want you with us! Visit our Github repository and join our development community.

Meet Cutter 👋

Cutter is Rizin's official graphical user interface. It becomes invaluable when working on more complex problems by providing freely positionable widgets, advanced graphing and visualization, while still leveraging Rizin's powerful backend. Cutter is a great tool for both new and experienced reverse engineers who prefer graphical interfaces.

Introducing New Projects

In line with Rizin's focus on stability and reliability, we are happy to introduce one of the most requested features, which is a future-proof way to save and load Rizin sessions in the form of "projects". This feature is currently in beta to iron out any remaining issues. If you are curious about the details, check out the dedicated blog post.

Join Our Community

Have any question? Want to join the development team? Join us and our users in the different chats and platforms. The main platform we use for development and general discussions is Mattermost.